Rare green GPO Diakon 1/232 with drawer 1936

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Rare green GPO Diakon 1/232 with drawer 1936 as found with some damage but a good looking telephone.


Rare GPO Diakon 1/232 with drawer 1936

This is a nice find and as you can see would make a great rare display item. It was made in 1936 in an early and sought after Diakon material. The colour is well matched as it has lived to together all its life. Nothing has been changed by us and is being sold as found. Note the cords are very good and like hens teeth to find. It has a few issues as you can see but imagine the conversations that could have been made using this telephone. It has survived the war and being green would have been used by someone quite important as green was issued to high ranking army officials, MOD, or MPs etc. You could rent one but they were expensive and not easily available. If you want it working this can be done if required and it will be fitted with a green plastic line in cord, a small internal bell and an electronic microphone. Please pick this option in the checkout or it will come as is. 

Short video to help with the visual condition.